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The Jean Baudrillard Reader

Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 2008 and Columbia University Press, New York, 2008, e-book by Edinburgh Scholarship Online, 2012



This book on the renowned French social and cultural theorist Jean Baudrillard is the first published after his sad death from cancer in March 2007. By presenting myriad extracts from texts written by Baudrillard since the 1960s until the mid 2000s, the book sets out to explain and analyse what Baudrillard has actually said over the years and exactly when he said it, correcting many mistaken interpretations along the way.

The book has an innovative editorial introduction to Baudrillard, a further reading guide and all extracts have micro introductions setting the scene of the piece. It is accessibly written for a wide-ranging global audience, either experts on Baudrillard or coming to his work for the first time. The book is published in North America by Columbia University Press, New York, in their prestigious European Perspectives series alongside books by Louis Althusser, Julia Kristeva, Paul Virilio and many others.